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LBA Judicial Evaluations Released

Nov 17th, 2015

The Louisville Bar Association Released the 2015 Judicial Evaluations by members of the bar today. Click here.   LBA attorneys were invited to rate the performance of Jefferson County Circuit and Family Court judges with whom they have had substantial professional contact over the past two years.  All Circuit Court judges received a "Does a good job overall" rating by over 80% of the attorney that respondent to the survey, except Judge Olu Stevens (69%).  All Family court judges received favorable response above 80% except:  Denise Brown (50%), Deborah Deweese (76%), Angela Johnson (64%), and Christine Ward (77%)--all of the Family Court Judges that were below 80% were newly elected Judges that had been on the bench for less than 10 months (however, Judges Tara Haggerty (94%) and Dee McDonald (85%), both, were newly elected, as well).  Judge Stephen George (96%) in Family Court and Judge James Shake (96%) from Circuit Court received the highest ratings of all Jefferson County Judges.  The survey covers many other categories, including legal ability, judicial temperament, judicial integrity, court management and Civil/Criminal ratings. 

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